Adult Treatment


About twenty five percent of our patients are adults. Many adults did not have the opportunity to have braces as a teen and have always wanted a better smile. Most are pleasantly surprised when they see how small modern braces can be, when compared to what they remember as a teen.

Some adults have had braces in the past, but, retainers are long gone, and teeth have shifted over the years. This is especially true of lower front teeth. Many of these cases are treated quickly, with a limited appliance, and a fixed retainer to keep the teeth straight.

Depending on the type of problem, treatment may be accomplished with aligners, ceramic braces, or metal braces. Treatment times vary from less than one year to two years. Many adults enjoy the attention they get with braces, and after a month or two they are asking for wild colors!

Whatever your situation, don’t be shy about coming in for a consultation. Modern Orthodontics has a lot more to offer than the brace face of the past!

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