Office Policies

General Information

We would like to take a moment to express our appreciation in choosing our office for orthodontic treatment. The goal of this practice is to provide the highest quality orthodontic work available anywhere, in a caring manner, at an affordable price. We are professionals, BUT we do like to have a little fun along the way. We do want to stress the importance of communication and cooperation between patient, parent, and the orthodontic team. Please read all of this information which we hope helps you understand this big step in the patient’s life.

Please understand how important it is to maintain scheduled appointments. Most patients are seen every 4-6 weeks unless requested otherwise. We do realize that things may occur whereas some appointments may not be kept. In the event of a broken appointment, you will be notified by mail. It will be necessary to schedule some appointments during the morning since it is impossible to see all of our patients between the hours of 3:30 & 5:00. We will try to keep such appointments to an absolute minimum and will provide the proper excuse needed if school or work periods are missed. Please inform our office immediately of any changes in address, work, telephone, health, etc.

Patient Cooperation

A. Proper brushing is essential to successful orthodontic treatment. Poor hygiene may lead to swollen and/or bleeding gums, permanent scars on exposed enamel, and delayed treatment.

B. Take care of braces to avoid excessive breakage. To avoid a longer treatment time, please follow all instructions.

C. Rubber bands may be needed to assist in tooth movement. To avoid a longer treatment time, please follow all instructions.

D. There are normally no restrictions on the patient’s usual activities such as playing sports or a musical instrument. A mouthpiece may be needed for contact sports.

We do not replace your general dentist. Please continue to have regular check ups.