We understand that one of the most difficult aspects of orthodontic treatment is keeping teeth straight after the braces are completed. Having treated cases for over forty years, we understand retention very well. We are convinced that fixed retainers are the best way to insure that teeth stay straight. Many of our patient’s parents were patients in our office. Therefore, we have had the opportunity to review treatment results for twenty and thirty years after treatment was completed!

We use the belt and suspender technique. This includes a fixed retainer, as well as a removable retainer. A fixed retainer is a tiny piece of wire that is bonded behind specific front teeth depending on the original position of the teeth. This wire is easily removed later if necessary. We also fabricate clear removable retainers that are worn at night.

Why both? Because, we find some patients forget to wear their retainers as prescribed, and the teeth move. This can be disappointing to the parent, patient, and orthodontist. Also, certain orthodontic problems are genetic in nature, and require constant retention to keep teeth in an esthetic position. Our goal is to maintain beautiful straight teeth for many years.